The Static Age - Neon Nights Electric Lives (Album | Download)

This is The Static Age's first full-length album (besides the demo session on "The Cost of Living"), originally released on Tarantulas Records in 2005. It was produced and mixed by Matt Squire, and -- in addition to the 7 album tracks -- includes remixes by Jade Puget of AFI and Dave Walsh of the Explosion/the Loved Ones for a total of 9 songs in all.

1. Vertigo
2. Amphibian
3. Armory
4. Ghosts
5. Saltsick
6. It Never Seems to Last
7. Canopy
8. Airplanes (Vertigo remix by Puget)
9. Pakistan (Amphibian remix by Walsh)

The CD version is out-of-print, but you can get the album as an instant digital download and/or an instant download + a postcard with download code (postcard option is depicted in second image).